EEB Toronto Modelling Club

Maybe you simply think models are cool, or have just begun dabbling in modelling, or maybe you model every day but what to find modelling friends, then this is for you. This group is aimed at breaking down barriers to entry in modelling and to building modelling collaborations to answer fascinating questions in ecology and evolution. Each week we discuss topics in theoretical biology with a particular emphasis on the connections between theoretical models and empirical data and systems. Please contact me at ailene[dot]macpherson[at]utoronto[dot]ca for more details.

Videos- Winter Term 2021: Video .zip files

  1. Population Growth
  2. Geographically Structured Populations
  3. Age-Structured Populations
  4. Integral-Projection Models
  5. Compartmental Models
  6. Building Blocks of Population Genetics
  7. Coalescent Theory
  8. Diffusion Equation
  9. Fundamental Theorms in Evolution
  10. Addaptive Dynamics
  11. Models of Molecular Evolution
  12. Brownian Motion and OU Processes
  13. Diversification Models
  14. Neutral theories of evolution and biodiversity

Researh Videos

Researchers Revealed- Beaty Biodiversity Museum UBC

Counting on it!

More Comming Soon!

Secondary Education Outreach

Matheamtical ecology is a fantastic introduction to applied mathematics. My scientific outreach is aimed at bringing mathematical biology to secondary education classrooms.Growing up in a rural education system, I prioritize outreach to educational enviornments using the power of technology (Zoom, ShinyApps by R, etc.).

Biological Applications of Mathematics and Statistics-Ontario